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About SpreeTv

An all-in-one Movie and TV Show streaming script
originally created by a member of Codester but they stopped devloping it on March 22, 2021
taken over and improved on by Titan on May 18, 2021
Shadav joined in on July, 28, 2021
and of course with help from some users (noted in the changelog and features page)
Titan decided to move on to another project on Dec 1, 2021 so Shadav took over and Diego came aboard.


  • PHP 7.2+
  • allow_url_fopen On
  • cURL 7.19.4+
  • PDO On
  • GD On
  • mbstring On
  • EXIF On
  • Ability to Chmod 777 folders
    If you can't Chmod 777 for host reasons then disable chatbox
  • MySQL database
  • Basic knowledge of executing SQL for upgrades
  • OneSignal API key for OneSignal support
  • TMDb API key for importing movies and shows
  • *Optional* Cron Jobs for the sitemap and RSS Feeds

Some Addons

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